Be honest with yourself and see where you fit in

Where is the balance in a clean home? Ask yourself these questions:
*Do I dust and vaccuum every week or so, as to keep down pet dander and dust, which may affect my guests allergies? And do I vaccuum the furniture(if I have pets), so that my guests are not covered in pet hair when they leave? If I am a smoker, do I clean my ashtrays and ashes up, and air things out occasionally, windexing mirrors and windows, and dusting every so often to lesson the smoke smell? (You may find it offensive that your guests may not appreciate your choice to smoke, but the truth of the matter is, there are many of us who have breathing problems and allergies that cause us physical reactions, and it makes it hard for us to visit when we know we will be sick before the end of the night. It really has nothing to do with your choice to smoke.)
*Are there places to sit in different rooms of my house? Are there cleared, flat surfaces to set drinks and snacks on?
*Can my guests come into my home without tripping over multiple pairs of shoes left in the middle of the floor in the doorway?
*Is my trash, litter box, and refrigerator changed/cleaned often enough that my home does not smell bad? Are my bathrooms non-offensive?
*Are dirty dishes confined to a small section of my countertop in the kitchen, or in the dishwasher or sink, or are they scattered throughout the house, some having been there for several days?
*Is my laundry confined to baskets, or is it strewn on several flat surfaces of the house, and dirty clothes stacked in several piles in different rooms?
*Do I regularly throw away scrap papers and wrappers, old newspapers and magazines, empty drive-through food containers, pop cans and such?
As you can see, there is a difference in a lived-in home, and a home that you, along with your guests, will not get the full enjoyment of a visit out of.
Be honest with yourself and see where you fit in. If you are one of the people that really do have cleaning issues that block out the outside world, make the effort to change, get help, or learn to take care of your home. But my guess is that many people have a home comfortable enough to have a wonderful visit in, but are just too worried about perfection when guests stop by.
If you wait until things are perfect, you will find that you never, or almost never, have company, and when you do, you will not enjoy it as much as you could have. Take inventory, and find the balance for you, where good enough, is good enough.